Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Humble Moment in My Busy Day

Today while driving home, I passed a man on a busy road with his hood up.

He was right near the intersection so cars were making their way around him as he frantically was checking his engine and whatever else is under the hood. (I'm an expert mechanic if you can't tell).

People were getting irritated because he was in the way. His car was a bit beat up and he looked frazzled. I thought to myself." Poor guy, you know you really should put your hazards on or you might get hit."  I thought about yelling that out the window, but I was too far up the way and who was I to tell the guy what to do. I mean what could I do to help him. I know nothing about cars. I suppose I could have asked if he wanted to use my phone to call someone, but I figured he had a phone and besides he looked like he knew what he was doing .... kinda.

So, along comes this weathered old man, tanned from too much time in the sun, carrying his orange backpack. I assumed he was homeless from his dress and mannerisms.

He looked determined, with eyebrows furrowed as he beelined straight for the guy with car trouble. Surely he wasn't going to ask him for money, I though to myself. I was intrigued. This all happened while the light was red, mind you.

This beaten down man, removed his backpack and set it along side the road and asked the driver if it was car trouble. He immediately dug into the engine checking and searching for the problem.

The light turned green and as I rode off, I don't know if the man was able to help the driver or not, but the important thing is that he tried. As the rest of us rode along consumed with our jobs, our lives, our next meal, this man who appeared to have nothing, had more than all of us.

I wondered what his life had been like. How did he know how to fix a car and why was he now without a home.What a blessing he gave to me today and I am humbled.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swingers Diner

Diners & Coffee Shops, American (Traditional)
8020 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA90048 34.0760445 -118.3644986
(Btwn N Laurel Ave & N Edinburgh Ave)
Phone: (323) 653-5858

On our last trip to LA, Jon and I spent a lot of time at Swingers diner for our breakfast and dinners. It's a funky classic diner with great food and good prices. It's the kind of diner they make movies of, and in fact it is the favorite hot spot for many a celeb.
I highly reccommend their early bird special of eggs any way you like, sausage or bacon and French toast. The French toast is absolutely to die for. MMMM mmmmm I'm still remembering its melt in your mouth goodness. I also had the Mediterranian platter for dinner including scrumptious hummus.
Next time you're in LA check it out.
Here are some funky shots from the mosaic'd back wall to the cool lighting, to the hot cup of joe, we got a few pics of everything!