Monday, January 17, 2011

Skull Mania

Skulls are HOT!
Why? Because they have so many meanings to so many different people and cultures.

Though many people associate the skull with death and negative imagery, it actually has a wealth of meanings and symbolisms. The skull can symbolize mortality, power and strength.

Jessie Mendia Photo by Steph Fowler

Celtic Skulls
The Celtic culture has been said to view the skull as the house of the soul and the place of power. The  view the skull as being a symbol of creation, divinity and time. To find out more about the skull and the relationship to the Celtic Culture visit

Skulls and Tattoos
Skulls are everywhere in the tattoo community. Everyone has their own reason for adorning themselves with a skull. Here are just a few: overcoming death, symbol of past life, and a declaration of triumph. To learn more about skulls and tattoo designs visit.

Mystical Meanings
According to Craig Hamilton-Parker of the book "Hidden Meaning of Dreams" gypsies viewed skulls as representing wisdom from their ancestors.

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a 3000 year old hispanic holiday where family friends gather to pray and honor freinds and family who have passed on. The spirits of ancestors are called upon to live among the living. Since the skull represent death and life, it is a major symbol for the holiday. Find out more at

Celebs with WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear Skulls

Adam Cagley with WATTO Trple skull buckle

Ben Kasica of  Skillet with WATTO Single Skull buckle 
Aranda Band Member with WATTO Twin skull buckle

Davis Leduke  billy boy on poison with WATTO Triple Skull Buckle

Hugo Ferreira of the band Tantric with WATTO Twin Skull Buckle

Jesse Hasek -vocals of the band 10 years with WATTO Single Skull Buckle

Julia Ling of ChucK with WATTO Triple Skull Buckle

Kara Taily of The Hard Times of RJ Berger with WATTO Twin Skull buckle

Leigh Kakaty of the band PopEvil with WATTO Single Skull Buckle

Mark Goodwin drummer for the band Sick Puppies with WATTO skull chain

Ppaul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd with WATTO Twin Skull Buckle

Actress Sally Kirkland with WATTO Single Skull Buckle

WWE The Miz with WATTO Twin Skull Buckle

Musician X2 with WATTO Single Skull Buckle

BArry Kerch of the band Shinedown with WATTO skull chain and lion belt buckle

John Cooper of the band Skillet with WATTO skull chain

Gregory Michael of the TV show Greek with WATTO Skull chain

Sasha Cohen Olympic Ice Skater with WATTO skull chain

Stephen Glickman of the TV show Big Time with WATTO skull chain

Tammin Sursok of Pretty Little Liars & The Young and the Restless with WATTO Skull Chain

bandmember of Richy Nix with WATTO skull keychain 
Alexis Neirs of Pretty Wild with WATTO skull keychain

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