Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spiral Heart - a Symbol of Eternal Love

We all know the most popular symbol for LOVE is the heart.
It is colored red to show the blood that runs through it and symbolizes passion and strong emotion.
Handmade Heart belt buckle

The history of the shape is what I find particulariy  interesting. Although it is a somewhat stylized representation of the actual human heart organ, it's origin is said to be a bit more unique than that explanation.

It has been noted that ancient peoples used the seed of the silphium plant as and herbal contraceptive.  (. ) The shape of the seed resembles and upside down heart. It can be viewed at

The spiral has been noted as a symbol of bringing order to chaos, eternity and brining order out of chaos.

So, when the spiral and heart are combined, the image now becomes a symbol for eternal love.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Whether you want to give your significant other, friend or yourself the gift of eternal love, you can find beautiful handmade metal spiral hearts on our Etsy site at

Wishing you much love in your life!
mary & jon

Here's some shots with our stuff and celebrities!
Molly Quinn of Castle with WATTO blinged heart spiral buckle

Deborah Gibson (singer) with Jon Watson and Heart Spiral buckle

Bridger Zadina Movie Surfers & Michelle Defraites Pregnancy Pact _2
with WATTO green clover keychain and spiral heart chain

Adren Frantz of Bold & Beautiful &Scott Bailey of Praying for Bobby with WATTO Heart & Clover Buckles

Molly Burnett_of_Days of our Lives

Athlete Gene Kerr- Olympic Water Polo

Sherri Saum of Gossip Girls

Marisa Lauren of Greek & Kamen Rider

Kate Linder of The Young & the Restless

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