Monday, November 16, 2009

Tus-Con 36

The Best Little Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Convention in Arizona

Nov 6th, 7th & 8th
InnSuites Hotel Tucson, AZ

Visit their site at
Wow, never been to anything like this before and didn't know what to expect! The dealers were all put in a hotel meeting room so we didn't get to enjoy all of the activities, but I can assure you there were some interesting things going on.
Wish I could have attended the Ghost Hunting Techniques and Equipment discussion - could come in handy some day. You never know. The discussion on Star Trek: Heresy or new revolution wouldn't really be my thing, but apparently it was a lively banter. What I would have loved to hear was the talk on time travel. Where would you travel back or forward to? I think I'd like to visit Victorian times, but just for a day and only if I were a wealthy princess!
The guest speaker was Weston Ochse ( who won the Bram Stoker Award which is equivalent to the Oscars, but for horror writers. I purchased his book Scarecrow Gods and got him to sign it! My first ever autographed book by an author.

Weston Ochse

Another really cool thing was meeting Noel Neil who was the second Lois Lane. She graciously agreed to take a pic with me. What a classy lady. Here's more info on her

Jon and I took a trip into the unknown and had our Tarot cards read by Lady Marretta. Watch out world! Looks like we're in for some good stuff comin' our way, so keep your eyes on WATT0!

Noel Neil and Mary

There was a small but fun costume contest. Check out some of the images. Sorry, they were moving around too fast for my amateur photographerness (is that a word?)

These were our neighbor dealers- they are true Renaissance folks
Bear the guy in the middle makes keltic armoty & forged items. You can reach him at

Button man

Author Todd VanHooser of The Barren 12 with his goddess groupies

Professor Chedwick Cornelius Atlerbury

Finally there were my neighbor vendors. I've included a few images, but check out the video of all of them.

Liz of Bad Moon Books & sis Jen
you can buy their books on ebay

My new author friend Richard R Draude
He's not only an author but a computer guru and helped me with my computer.
I bought his book The Adam Eradication and now I have 2 books signed by their authors.

This convention was probably not the best venue for us as it was more of a sci-fi gaming crowd, but we had a lot of fun. We're looking into doing the big Fangoria Horror convention in CA, Will keep you posted...

For a mini convention experience check out the slideshow below!

Kevin McLeod - Music- "Dark World" found on
Bad Moon Books also found on ebay
Richard Draude- author of  The Adam Eradication-
Silver Sea Jewelry- Elizabeth Mead- 330 N. 4th Ave Tucson, AZ 85705  520-624-9954
Bruce Davis-author of sci-fi e-books-
Lady Marretta- tarot readings- 602-354-8585
Bear- - keltic armory, forge & the Fraisian Marketeers
Hadrosaur Productions- David Summers- publisher-
Sherrie Holbrook- tupperware & vintage toys and trading cards-
ProfessorChedwick Cornelius Atlerbury-Gary Hayes- graphic design - -
Astarte Imports & Gifts- Rhonda Staggs-
Massoglia Books- Marty & Alice Massoglia- used books-
Ruth Bollerud- jewelry designer
Nora Rankin- head of dealer's room
T-shirt Dealer-Scott & Jane Dennis-Fo' Paws Productions

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