Friday, January 1, 2010

Arts & Crafts Festivals Series #2

Oro Valley Festival of the Arts
Nov. 28th & 29th 2009
Oro Valley, Arizona

Ok, so this was my first attempt at using my new Flip Mino. I apologize to the artists I interviewed for the low res quality. I've also since learned to slow down. A few of the videos actually made me dizzy to watch them. LOL!

This was a "non-juried" show held at the Oro Valley Marketplace. The event was planned as a huge event with visit from Santa, music and food vendors. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different ideas...

Friday, we set-up our booth in beautiful sun-shiny weather. Saturday, Jon decided to stay home and continue working on some custom projects as I ran the show. My family was in town for the holidays, so they agreed to stop by and give me some breaks. Saturday morning did not look as promising as far as the weather.

As I got closer to the event, the winds began to pick up drastically. I pulled up to my space to find a row of tents in various states of destruction. One tent had literally blown across the parking lot! I later found out that winds had reached 40 mph over night!!!

My tent was on its side even though we had 50 pound weights in each of the four corners. The tent had ripped leaving the ties to the weights unattached. A fellow artist helped me with my tent and soon I was back up, but several other artists in my row were not as fortunate with one artist's tent completely destroyed. They all packed up and went home, leaving me as the only artist in my row.

Sunday was windy and rainy, but I stuck it out. Needless to say, not the best show in the world, but the staff was kind enough to offer credit toward future shows.

Following, is a short video of the crazy weather, then some individual artist videos. Enjoy!!!

Note: the artist with the wonderful, funky paintings is Liz Vaughn

Quail Lane Studios

These Little Nothings

Bloomin Belle Bows

Joe Fick Enterprises
metal & flagstone

Metal work

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