Friday, February 26, 2010

POOL Tradeshow Feb 2010

Vegas, NV

Once again time for the POOL Tradeshow in Vegas. OK, we were a little dissapointed since they moved the men's wear and SLATE (streetwear) to completely different venue. Not near as many guys came by our booth :( to buy on the spot, but we did get in some terrific new wholesale orders from retail and online stores (ck out  from Canada) and and we got to catch up with one of our favorite current stores (

I also got to meet Christina Martin from who is our music promotions group where we've gifted bands such at Motley Crue and Alice in Chains. Christina knows all the celebs and is such a great gal. I don't know where she gets so much energy.

Madison Buyer swung by. They are the  fashion industry's new marketing online tool to increase brand awareness to retailers, media, or consumers who may not be familiar with new fashion collections. They did a great interview for me. My first time on camera! Thanks ladies.

Check it out!

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  1. Your first time??!! That was a single editing...You're a pro! Thanks for interviewing with us and all the best to you at MTV, Backstage Artists Lounge, and Teen Choice events!

  2. Love your work! Especially the skulls.