Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Division Talk About Blog

May 15th
Talk about Blog

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This month's topic is:

What item do you most treasure made by another artist?
(if there is one) If not, how about what would you *like* to have?

Well, it was just too hard to choose just one piece of art I treasure that I've obtained from others,
so I chose to focus on the newest pieces I've aquired. Of course I love and treasure all of the pieces
Jon makes and you can view his personal works at,/
but since he's part of WATTO, I'll focus on other's artwork.

By the way, my photography is not great so they don't do the actual depth of color
that all of these items truly have.

Andes Cruz
I fell in love with these rings as soon as I saw them and we did a trade
so I could get them as a Christmas present from Jon.
I don't usually wear them together, just did it for the picture.
You can see better pictures of these on her Etsy site.
I get so many compliments on them. LOVE THEM!

Liz Vaughn

I've admired Liz's work for quite some time from afar.
Then I got to officially meet her at an art festival we both showed at.
 It was like meeting a rock star for me. Now we've become friends.
I still can't afford her work, but did obtain
this great littlebusiness card holder that has a print of
one of her paintings. I treasure it!

Keiko Murekami

WOW! Keiko has a beautiful collection of paintings. When she showed me her book of pages of these little paintings I was blown away.It's only 6" x 6" but toally powerful! There is metalic paint too so it has a fantastic shimmer. Jon and I just LOVE it! Thanks Keiko. This is going in our asian inspired bedroom. I just need to get Jon to find the time to make a metal frame for it. I can't wait!


Moises Biton
We were neighbors with Moises at the Tempe Art Festival. We made a trade for this amazing print of Johnny Depp. The color is so much better than the picture I took. His watercolors are full of detail and depth. We're proudly adding it to our wall of art!

Thanks for sharing all of my recent treasures with me! And thanks to all the artists who created them!

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  1. Great collection of treasured pieces, Mary! Thanks for sharing with us. Your enjoyment of color shows through a wide range of expression from realism to abstract to non-objective. I know your wall of art is going to be very exciting!

    Ande's rings ARE a treasure!!!

  2. Hi Fellow Tucsonan! I'm "Cosmo's Moon" Maureen- also a member of Handmade Division. Good to see other desert rats here:-)

  3. wow! what a great collection of favorites!