Friday, April 11, 2014

The Aliens Have Arrived!

The aliens have arrived in Illinois and landed on a Toyota Tundra & a Road King!

Thanks to the great imagination of Greg Masterson, one of our buckles was reworked into a cool art piece for his bike. He removed the back and chromed it. Here are the results. But, first check out his bad ass wheels!

Toyota Tundra and Road King

Red and black interior of Toyota Tundra

WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear Alien on Road King

Once Greg had his bike decked out he decided he'd have WATTO make him a few more aliens and this time he had a custom job done so that he wouldn't have to remove the buckle portion. We created the aliens ready to attach. The results were out of this world. Thanks Greg!
Red and Blacj WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear Alien ArtRed and Black WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear Alien Art on Toyota Tundra

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