Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Up with the band ShineDown

Arizona Fall Frenzy Music Festival
Sept 17th

We were fortunate enough to score some VIP tickets to see Shinedown along with Sevendust and the Cult in Tempe, AZ. It was a steamy 108 degrees as we made our way early to the concert. Once inside the gates we got to hang in the artist's tent facing the front of the stage complete with it's own bar and port o. Can't beat that!

After listening to the heavy metal of Sevendust we made our way to the trailers at the back of the park and waited patiently as Shinedown met with the radio winners to have their pics taken and autographs given.

One guy waited patiently outside the fence to see Shinedown, but security finally covered the fences and he was left to peer through the last empty spot. The drummer of Shinedown, Barry Kerch, spotted the guy and went over and gave him an autograph. Now that's a nice guy!

Finally it was our turn to meet up with Shinedown. We headed into the trailer and they all introduced themselves to us and thanked US for coming. Imagine. Well, we did come bearing gifts so I guess we were more than the normal fan. We brought along some buckles chains and armbands and let the guys go through them.  Eric Bass already owned our horseshoe buckle. He said he'd worn it every day since he'd gotten it.

He decided he needed a few more. Here he and Zach Meyers are looking through the gear.

Lead singer Brent Smith came in and appologized for not being able to stay longer, but he had a freind in town that he hadn't seen in 7 years. Wow, I was impressed that he even stopped by to say hi let alone hang out. He took time out to take a pic with Jon.

Drummer Barry Kerch took off his beautifully made celtic buckle and put on our lion buckle and skull chain and said he wanted to wear it on stage that night.

Here he is on stage. Kinda hard to makeout, but our skull was hangin out on the screen a bunch. Unfortunately I don't have the camera or the know how to take a good pic, but you get the idea.

The crowds were out in droves and these guys though quiet and humble in person, really came to life on stage and put on such a great show. Brent works the audience all the way.


Here's to Shinedown! Rock on!!!

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