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Sponsor to City of Hope Bone Marrow Program

2010 Shotgun Sporting Clays Invitational Benefiting City Of Hope Bone Marrow Donor Program
Sat Oct 9
El Monte, California

As some of you may or may not know Jon and I began with our parent company The Metal Gardener in 2007 where Jon does custom gates, lighting, sculpture etc. We were asked at one of our gifting suites to be a sponsor for the City of Hope Bone Marrow Program by director/actor(Minority Report, Criminal Minds, Nip/Tuck, 24) – Patrick Kilpatrick. We decided to donate on of Jon's beautiful sculptures seen here which will go up on the celebrity auction website.

The event was held at Triple B Shotgun Sporting Park in El Monte, California. Celebrities, members of the armed services, and recreational shooters attended teaming up to compete in a day of shooting clays.

The mood was festive with a patriotic/harvest theme.

The day included team shooting, breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, silent auction, live auction, awards, honors and happy hour.

Puppy that was in live auction. Was sold for $1000 + more for training. Purchased by Sandy Climan (Golden Global and British Academy-Award Winning Producer – The Aviator)

Asian American pop star Chelsea Emata  sang the national anthem. Seen here with a bunch of Navy guys.

Special guest Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds, The Godfather: Part III) was there.

Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters,The Secret Life of An American Teenager)sat down with us to have lunch. We'd met him before at several charity events. He's super humble and said he wears our crown buckle often.He was there to hang with his son who was down from school.

Scott Bailey, and Adrienne Frantz also ate at our table. We've met them before as well. Adrienne filled me in on what it was like to work on a soap opera ( the Bold and Beautiful). Sounds like a sweet setup for an actress. a couple weeks on a week off and if your part is small that day, you may only work a few hours. Easy to set your schedule and plan your wedding. She's engaged to Scott who was in Lifetime movie (Praying for Bobby)

Scott Bailey

Erik Estrada (Chips),  came over and hung at our table and signed a ton of pics of when he was in his early 20's. He was such a character. His beautiful wife and kids were there as well. I believe he won one of the awards for shooting.

Then along came Roger Cross (agent curtis 24). He was too funny, cracking a bunch of jokes and bought a few pieces of art at the silent auction.

Phoebe Price

David Eigenberg Miranda’s husband in Sex and the City

Keith David (Platoon, The Thing)
Mark Christopher Lawrence (ChuckFrank Stallone
Carmen Perez
Ryan Merriman
D.B. Sweeny
Bruce Buffer
Scott Elrod
Stephanie Powers

You can find more pics as well as a special picture of Jon peeking through the crowd and just a hint of his sculpture in the background. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/L3oQyr-PdP8/2010+Hollywood+Shotgun+Sporting+Clays+Invitational/mEXr9_0qvVXjon

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